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  Theft Preventive Innovation

Unicorp has innovated a breakthrough in Indian road sign industry by introducing ‘unipost’ composite sign post for the first time in India. Composite signpost can replace conventional mild steel sign post. Road safety devices which can be made to order include : signage post, guardrail, street light post, road furniture,fencing post, etc.

Key benefits
  • It is ‘anti theft’ due to “zero recycle value”
  • No maintenance cost, no rusting, no corrosion, no painting/coating required.
  • High strength to weights.
  • Fire proof.
  • Passively safe to minimized injury to vehicle occupants.
  • Comes with white reflective bands as standard, better night time visibility.
  • Its special hollow section design meet latest IRC-67-2010 requirement.
  • Available ex-stock in standard size of 3.25mtr & 3.6 mtr compatible with most of standard sign, any other specified size available  on request.
  • Lightweight &east to install
  • Excellent through life cost savings composite sign post have been tested to meet all the necessary European standard including EN40,EN12767. In order to reduce the number of deaths and injuries across Europe,the EC have introduced a new directive, EN 12767, which specified that all street furniture including lighting columns and sign post, on road over  50mph (70kph) should be passively safe.
Sign face : conventional solid aluminium sheet which has very high scrap value can be replaced with aluminium composite substrate. ACM has almost no scarp value.

Theft Preventive Innovation   Theft Preventive Innovation