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3M Traffic Safety in Bhopal
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  Object Marking

3M AFP sheeting (aluminium- backed flexible prismatics)
Non metallic reflective (micro prismatic ASTM type VI) flexible sheeting comes in 12” width. Pre-printed ‘>>>’ & ///’ makes it ready to use at roundabouts, culverts, underpass, tunnel, bridge wall/pillars, median opening, toll plaza bull nose or any surface (concrete/wood, metal, glass, polymer) due to strong primer and epoxy edge sealing, its very difficult to vandalize.

Tree maker reflectors
Made of vendal free ACM substrate with 3m DG cube/HP retro reflective media. Pre punch holes for easy nailing. Available in red, white, orange, yellow and florescent yellow green colour.

Hazard marker
Hazard marker & object markers are as per IRC guidelines.

Object Making   Object Making